How To Hip Surgery. Up Size Your Butt For Beautiful Bigger. Fix Small Hip Flat Hip.

Talk about the beautiful hip. Who has the hip’s size that fit well to body, is considered good luck. But for people who have too small hip which is not satisfactory. And want to add a little bigger size to butt for look more beautiful and sexier. Need Hip Surgery.

Beauty that is interested point, is not the front part of the body only. But the buttocks are a part of the body which is important as well. For women, the size of hip that big enough and pretty fitting to body. It makes look beautifu, sexy and provocative. And there is more feminine than the small hip girls.

Hip Surgery or called Buttocks Augmentation Surgery or Butt Implant Surgery. Those who is interested in this surgery is not just a woman who has a small bottom. Hip size not fit beautiful to body. But to those who want more feminine that is ‘ladyboys’. For the men, men had hip surgery too but more popular among the models. That must be taken photo. Want butt look bigger, firmer, and sexier.

Hip surgery and the procedures.

First, You need to see a doctor for consultation and advice. Improvement in hip size. For perfect size to body or the bigger size that you needs.
Then, in the process of hip surgery. The materials that used to increase the size of your buttocks is ‘Silicone’. Surgeon will choose the silicone size that are right for you. Then open wound at an angle of 45 degrees with a length of approximately 5 cm. Then insert silicone into and stitched the wound closed.

Care after hip surgery. The following instructions: during the first 3 weeks time, you should sleep upside down. For sitting, you can sit as usual. But gradually sit down gently, smoother. Refrain from hard exercise. Avoid sauna and steam bath milk, or mineral water bath. After wound is complete healing and silicone is stable. You can do normal activities. With a new bottom that’s pretty hip. You can wear everything beautiful, whether you wear skinny jeans or skirts. All is satisfied.


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