New Excellent Technique of Non Incision Double Eyelid Surgery. Less Pain, No Scar, Pretty Faster.

When think of the double eyelid surgery. Many people may feel afraid when reminded that the blade cut on the upper eyelid, to make the crease. But the terror like this, has become the past. Because at the present, there is a new technique to create double eyelids with no scar, less pain, and get pretty double eyelids faster.

This new technique of double eyelid surgery which is popular in Korea. This can create double eyelid with no wound, no slit on upper eyelids. Get the beautiful double eyelids which is look so natural. And especially, no recovery. You can back to work immediately.

2 new technique of double eyelid surgery

:-D take the time to do just 30-40 minutes. No blade to slit long on upper eyelids. Just sew to create eyelid crease. When finish surgery, you can back home instant. No recovery. No cut the thread. First 2-3 days, there may be some swelling. But lesion will gradually fade and the wound is completely healed within 1-2 months without scar.

1. Non Incision Double Eyelid Surgery.

Known that the sew in a 3 point. This method just a sewing needle to create the eyelid crease on the upper eyelid. This is not to have any incision. You can back home immediately after finish surgery. No recovery, you can have cosmetic make up instantly. Some people say that they can go super market happily after having surgery. Friends did not notice that you had double eyelid surgery.

This method is suitable for single eyelids people. Upper eyelid with no fat and no sagging.

Advantages. Get beautiful double eyelids so fast. No wound, no recovery, no cut the thread. Double eyelid look very natural. When close the eyes, no any cut marks.

The downside is not durable. Over time, the thread may unbound.

Non Incision Double Eyelid Surgery.

Not only get beautiful double eyelids, but it also helps eyes look bigger.

2. Mini Incision Double Eyelid Surgery.

This method get pretty double eyelids quickly like the first method. But there is a small incision than a needle for sewing the upper eyelids only. No blade to cut long line like the traditional double eyelid surgery. Only a small lesion length 8-10 mm. Over time, scar will fade. Like the scratch marks that can treat fast. When the scar completely disappear, you will get beautiful double eyelid which is very naturally looks without any scars.

This method is suitable for people who have single eyelids, or have double eyelid but are not clear, or want the thicker double eyelid for eyes look bigger and more cute. Suits forthose who has a little fat on upper eyelid, or have a little sagging on upper eyelids but not much.

Advantages is the surgery can be done quickly. You can return home immediately. May have a small incision but will disappear without a trace. Get beautiful double eyelids that is beautiful and natural. When close eyes, no one knows you had double eyelid surgery. The eyelid crease is permanent.

The downside is not suitable for people who have a lot of fat on the upper eyelid or sagging upper eyelids. Otherwise, it will looks like your eyes are swollen and face look shabby.

Mini Incision Double Eyelid Surgery.

Just 7 days, the small scar is very fade.

**For those who have a lot of fat and sagging on the upper eyelid. Need to suck the fat out of the upper eyelid or cut on the excessive upper eyelid before having these new double eyelid surgery.

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