Need more beauty The Top 12 KPOP STAR HUNT 2 go to JW Plastic Surgery Clinic

The 12 finalists KPOP Star Hunt season 2 had the health check and the body strength test.  Then the top 12 go to the JW Plastic Surgery clinic, the one of famous cosmetic surgery clinic of Korea.

To be a successful KPOP artist. In addition to have the ability of singing. Another thing that is important is the beautiful appearance, both face and body. So today bring all the top 12 contestants KPOP Star Hunt season 2 to get the advice from doctor. About to change the look to more beautiful. See which part they have to do some plastic surgery. Prepare to be Korean singer.

kpop-star-hunt-2-go to JW plastic surgery clinic


The doctor who come to welcome today is Dr.  Sug Man-koon, Executive director of Rhiniplasty Korea Plastic Surgery Society.

First step, everyone must go to the photo room, to take a picture of their full face. For the doctor to analyze.

kpop star hunt season 2 take a picture before plastic surgery

Let’s see how each of the contestants get guidance from doctor. Which part they have to improve?

tanya kpop taiwan

Tanya (age 21 from Taiwan)

Advice from doctor: Tanya’s jaw is a bit wide and bone structure is a bit too strong. Tanya need to a little reduce the width of the jaw.


Liahona (age 15 from Philippines)

Advice from doctor: There are too many fold on Liahona’s eyelid. Liahona have got a naturally pretty face and a beautiful smile but need to straighten teeth.

lingling kawinthida -kpop-thailand

Ling Ling – Kawinthida (age 14 from Thailand)

Advice from doctor: Ling Ling is still young but when grow older, Ling Ling will be much prettier.

tarwarn warisara kpop thailand

Tarwarn – Warisara (age 15 from Thailand)

Advice from doctor: Tarwarn has naturally cute face, does not need any plastic surgery.


Sheila (age 21 from Philippines)

Sheila tell doctor that she really want to have nose jobs

At the end of the day, all 12 contestants received the face treatment to improve face skin. Then all of them are satisfied with their fresh face with the luminous rebirth face skin and face feel tight like an egg.

kpop-star-hunt-2-facial proper

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