Chompoo Araya’s Surgery Changed Her to More Famous

Who had follow-up of Chompoo-Araya A. Hargate in the past, will see images of a cute young half-caste girl but now she has become a beautiful and sexy looks.

Of course, many people think that Chompoo Araya is more beautiful than before. Because she went a little plastic surgery. Her old eyes that look sad, the endof eyelids are falls. He do eye surgery and lift it up a bit. Then her fortune is better. You see, that is more famous, has much work and crowd. Whether the TV ads, magazines, or working, we see her often.

Chompoo Araya



Unlike previous, even though she is a main actress of many drama, but not interesting in trend.

But after going to do eyes surgery and up the nose become a slender perfect nose. A beautiful has finished. It’s show time.

From her little work become a famous female super star in Thailand.

When she got shot up pretty sexy fashion, show her beauty, and gorgeous body shape.

At that time, She can call the trend, until now, her popularity has not decreased.

Millions of people consider Chompoo Araya to be a No.1 actress in this period that still famous and no sign of popularity in her, would be stop.

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