Korean Big Eyes Surgery. Big Eyes Like A Doll Eye Surgery. Big and Sweetly Eyes with Big Eyes Enlargement Surgery.

Want to have a beautiful eyes like the stars or Korea’s Net Idol. Or bored your small eyes, and tired with always make up for help the eyes looks bigger or special eyes enlargement. Decide to do eyes surgery


is better but you must need the surgeon who has professional skills. Because the eye is very important, don’t risk in the danger.

So,  must choose a good doctor. In Thailand, big eyes surgery or eyes enlargement surgery is not quite popular. Lack of medical specialists directly. Because eyes surgery for bigger eyes, require resolution to avoid the risk of eye glands.

You may have to fly to Korea because Korean doctors are expert in this process. Skills and equipment are always developing because cosmetic surgery in Korea is extremely competitive business.

How do the big eyes surgery, make eyes bigger. Doctors will cut the beginning of eyelids, then sew and pull eyelids up for seeing more eyeball size. The eye is look more open up.

If you want to broaden up the eyes, must slit at the end of eyelids too for increasing the eyes area for wider, and more slender long.

Big eyes surgery. Cut at the beginning of eyelids.

Big eyes surgery. Cut at the end of eyelids.

Review big eye surgery.

The Chinese teachers, this girl is very famous in cyber world . Be named, the most beautiful and sexy teacher. Her name is Lita or Zhu Songhua. Her eyes are very pretty big.

Observe at the beginning of eyelids are open more than normal.

Photo of Lian, Chinese men Net idol. Handsome exactly like he came out from comic book. Look at the eyes, eyes are big with slender and wide. Because of big eye surgery by cutting the end of eyelids too.

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6 thoughts on “Korean Big Eyes Surgery. Big Eyes Like A Doll Eye Surgery. Big and Sweetly Eyes with Big Eyes Enlargement Surgery.

  1. Hi, My name is sandra. I am not asian. Im white. My eyes are very small and problem eyes. I need to talk to doctor and ask questions about my eyes. what is the doctor’s name who made them big eyes in that teacher’s picture? How can i contact him/her? Please respond me back fast. Please get that doctor contract me on email. thank you:)


  2. Hi,

    My name is Saniah. I have a problem with my eyes I never like my eyes very-very small like Chinese eyes :(

    If I want to do it bigger, how much the cost is? and how long recovered is?

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