Too much gum when smile. Can be solved with ‘Laser Gum Reshaping’.

Many people may have problems about gum is not pretty. The gums may be too much or somewhat swollen. When smile is not beautiful or uncertainty in speech and smile, but now can solve this problem.

By the way, called the ‘Laser Gum Reshaping’ or trim the gum edges with a laser, is the method to decorate gum with laser. Secure and less time about 10 minutes per each tooth.

Advantages of using laser is able to stop the bleeding while cutting gum. Typically, patients do not need stitches, can go home immediatly and has normal routine, and no any problems in post.

After trimming the gums with a laser. Should not eat spicy or acidic, such as too spicy or too sour, and the hot liquid for at least 3-5 days and do not let being banged or being solid impact because it can cut the gums.

Costs of treatment for the 6 anterior teeth starting at 6,000-8,000 Baht (in Thailand). After Laser Gum Reshaping during the first 1-3 days should  brush the gum reshaping area with Cotton Bud, and then wiped with water on teeth. When finished gum surgery by using LASER, you can smile pretty with confident now.

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