What happened to Son Ye Jin’s Face? Plastic surgery makes Ye Jin look old?

South Korean actress Son Ye Jin was very famous several years ago. With a beautiful natural face that everyone are appreciate. But today, what happened to her face? Why her face so looks different from the past. What she have done?

A recent photo of Son Ye Jin makes a surprise to fans. Because the face which used to cute has chaged to strange look. What she have done to her face? Does she had plastic surgery? Why her face look old until look like the face of senior actress No Hyun Hee who is older than Son Ye Jin 10 years.


A lot of questions. What is the cosmetic surgery she had? Or she does not have any cosmetic surgery but just because the camera angle, too much makeup, increasing age, or weight loss, or the bad photoshop skills?

Son Ye Jin latest photoshoot


beautiful natural face of Son Ye Jin in the past

No Hyun Hee

We need to see next because only photo can not be judged. Have to wait for her appearance in the movie is better. How much does her face change?

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One thought on “What happened to Son Ye Jin’s Face? Plastic surgery makes Ye Jin look old?

  1. The usual procedures are imalpnts or fillers. Also lipo. I doubt they will shave your jaw (mandible) bone.Dramatic changes can occur just by having a chin implant and the fat suctioned out or by having saline imalpnts over the cheek bone area.DO NOT accept silicone in your face and always research any Doctor’s qualifications before you go under the knife. Some procedures are even available from an aesthetic practitioner! Much cheaper and safer.

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