Fresh Reveal The ‘Before and After’ Photo of MISS KOREA 2012 Plastic Surgery KIM YUMI

Just recently get the position ‘MISS KOREA 2012′ for a few hours. But was already bare revealed that she had plastic surgery over the whole body, Miss Korea 2012 ‘Kim Yumi’

Just was appointed as Miss Korea 2012 on the night July 6. Beautiful woman ‘Kim Yumi’, 22 years old who has gorgeous face and the smile impressed the audience. The photo before she has plastic surgery,was taken to reveal and spread widely on the Internet. In the old days she used to be a ugly duckling, no promising of beautiful woman before she decide to has plastic surgery.

The viewers who have seen the ‘before’ photo of her plastic surgery, were surprised that Korea plastic surgery can changes unattractive girl to beautiful very much like this. But many say that this is typical of the Korean people. Now so accustomed to it, more than amazed.



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5 thoughts on “Fresh Reveal The ‘Before and After’ Photo of MISS KOREA 2012 Plastic Surgery KIM YUMI

  1. No surprise really. If you’ve ever been to korea you would know that 9/10 times if you see a beautiful woman you can gurantee she has had at least 2-3 plastic surgeries and is obsessed with her looks and weight. After watching Miss Universe, Miss Korea really couldn’t compare to the other girls at all. All her plastic surgery was so obvious and she looked emanciated like she hadn’t ate in two weeks. She was so gaunt you could see the outlines of her cheek implants. Miss Korea will never win Miss Universe, because even with all their plastic surgery they still aren’t as pretty as most of the women from other countries. They don’t embrace their korean ethnic look and get tons of surgery to erase it but it just ends up making them look so plastic like, similar to any other girl, desperate to look less asian and more euroasian.

    • WOW, just what I was searching for. Came here by searching for comments on finding before and after miss korea 2012

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