Jang Geun Seok Presses His Own Nose To Prove No Nose Surgery.

Handsome guy with a sweet face like a girl, ‘Jang Geun Seok’ a Korean star that we know well. He is a guest in Korea TV Program “Golden Fishery-Knee Drop Guru” of the MBC station, which contains a celebrity host ‘Kang Ho Dong’. The program is filled with hilarious, friendly and lively.

But then, there are questions by Kang Ho Dong asked handsome Jang Geun Seok that “Did you have a nose job?” then Jang Geun Seok answer that “Everyone is very skeptical about my nose. But I will prove, I don’t have a nose surgery“. Then he presses his own nose like a pig and rocks the nose axis with hard to prove that he did not have any nose surgery.

Jang Geun Seok, before and after plastic surgery.

From the photo, we can know that Jang Geun Soek don’t have nose job absolutely. Because his nose shape is not prominent with perfect slim, there is still a little defective. His nose wings quite flat, the nose is not beautiful perfect. But what is more questionable is, a slim face with beautiful V-shaped and his pretty pointed chin, that looks more suspicious.

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13 thoughts on “Jang Geun Seok Presses His Own Nose To Prove No Nose Surgery.

  1. Oh yah..i think the rumor is not true.cuz if the person getting older the shape got a bet dfrent compare from young age

  2. lol, u all says that coz ure obsessed fan girls of him. its utterly obvious btw that he got nose job. hehe its such a shame on him to deny all the rumor. gayiest mofo ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i hate justin bieber but justin bieber is wayy better than jgs. he has scary voice, he dance like a sissy girl, his face ewwwwwwwww he had that shitty face and his body *puke* puke* puke. cant stand watching that gayyyyyyyyy.

    • Do you even hear yourself before you start spewing all that word vomit? You don’t have to like him but is calling him a sissy and gay really the way to express that? Shitty face and puke body??? Would you ever talk like that to someone you actually knew? I don’t really give a shit if you like him or not but don’t go mouthing off like someone that wasn’t raised to be a decent human being. Then again, maybe you weren’t.

  3. I used to have a flat nose when I was young but when I grew up my nose isn’t flat anymore and it became pointy. I never had get it fixed cause I’m too young back then so not all have taken surgeries. There might be reasons like it can be because of camera angles or we physically change because we grow.

  4. as a photographer and a make up artists, his nose is obviously contoured, and the face shots, like seriously? the way he smiles elongates his face. i truly believe he looks the same as he used to as a child. his face is’t perfect as it is now, but i respect that he kept it and stayed cool. he is still a very attractive fellow. people age, we change, teenage years and so forth.

  5. It is so clear the pointy chin super v line surgery or surgeries he´s got all over his life, maybe at a very early age, but that feature is not even human, its like the chin of an alien, totally fake

  6. It is obvious that he has just matured. Pics they compare too look like teenager years and he is in his 20′s now. The face elongates and widens as a man matures. How silly the plastic surgery rumors!

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