Stunning all over the face! ‘Neko Jump’ Noey & Jam Had Plastic Surgery.

‘Neko Jump’ Noey and Jam, this two twin girls are very famous in Instagram. Because their beauty and cute Beauty, transmitted through each of the photos. It is really pretty, amazing to watch. They are cute like a doll with beautiful face  and slim body, perfect!

Beautiful like this, so the question has come that is “Does Neko Jump had plastic surgery?”

May be no need to answer because of the changing and outstanding beautiful as this. Let’s see the past and present of them better. It could be the answer of this question.

Noey & Jam Neko Jump’ s photo in the present

Noey & Jam Neko Jump’ s photo in the period of beginning enter to entertainment industry

When finished to watch, you might start to feel cannot bear to want to done beautiful like this. And ask that “Where Neko Jump had plastic surgery?” I want to go there too.

I have to tell you first, I did not know too. ^ _ ^ Every super star must keep this to be a secret. No one wants to tell that they had the plastic surgery. If you want to beautiful like this. You should gradually improved slightly. Start from…

- Braces, is the basic way to restructure the face shape. It helps to reduce the size of the jaw, make the upper teeth and lower teeth fit together. Then the face look long.
- BOTOX injections to make the ‘V-shape’ face or other ways to help face slimmer, such as the use of Lasers, Ultra sound waves, or medical fine thread. To lift the face skin and helps to change the face shape.
- Nose job. If you want the nose axis are high and small nose, should to make the nose higher and make the nasal wing narrow.
- Chin implants. Add a silicone to chin for chin looking longer. If you want the chin more pointed, should have Filler Injection to the chin a little. (Made by medical professionals. Do not bought to inject by yourself).
- Double eyelid surgery. If your upper eyelid have many the excessive skin, must cut it out as well.
- Slim body shape and white skin. If you want to slender shape, need a little patience to lose weight.


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2 thoughts on “Stunning all over the face! ‘Neko Jump’ Noey & Jam Had Plastic Surgery.

  1. Neko Jump Jam and Noey did not have eye surgery they use eye lid tape. But for the face I do not know. Jam face was always sharper than Noey but Piglet face is very sharp too.

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