Changing Eye Color Surgery with LASER. Transform Brown Eyes to Blue Color.

Surgical field have made significant progress. You can change almost all part of your body. Change to a new person with more confident. And now, you can change the color of your eyes by using LASER.

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Laser has been used extensively in cosmetic surgery. Laser to remove wrinkles, remove scars and use for face lift. And especially, Laser used to change the color to different parts of the body, such as whitening teeth, to remove the color of the freckles and blemishes, change color of gums and lips, etc. And this day, you can change the eye color from brown eyes to blue eyes.

Technology of changing eye color from black or brown eyes to a blue eyes by Laser. The inventors of this method changing the color of the eyes is Dr. Gregg Homer from Stroma medical company, USA. Dr. Gregg Homer explains how to change eye color is very simple. Just use Laser beam to get rid the brown pigment on the surface of the iris. Melanin pigment, which is black or brown destroyed by the laser beam. Eye color is slowly fading and turned to blue. Just only 20 seconds to take the time for transform eye color surgery and can return home immediately. But you have to wait 2 -3 weeks, for eye color faded completely until get the whole blue eyes which is look pretty and attractive.

Demonstrated picture. Changing eye color with Laser.

Remove the brown pigment on top of iris. Reveal the blue color on the bottom.

Dr. Gregg Homer

But please wait. Before you decide to change your eye color with this method. Make sure you really want to change eye color. If you do not, you can not get back your old eye color. Because Laser removes the pigment permanently. And the price is not cheap, about $5,000.

This method is suitable for people who really want to change eye color and those who are bored to use the color contact lenses that removable a lot and must keep clean. And eyes are always dry or irritable because of contact lenses.

Transform eye color surgery with LASER, can do in people who have black eye, brown eye color, or mixed color that have blue or green, but not clear. Laser can helps to change eye to blue color completely, whole eyes.

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4 thoughts on “Changing Eye Color Surgery with LASER. Transform Brown Eyes to Blue Color.

    • Same here, I’ve been dying trying to look for a way to change my eye color permanently, instead of using contacts, and I finally did!!! The price is acceptable and I will defenetly get this surgery done when it’s available in the USA.

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