Procedure of Korea’s Nose Job Surgery. Check Nose Job Prices in Korea.

If you want to go to Korea for nose job surgery because want to make your nose beautiful perfectly, new nose that you like the most. Be prepared and ready before you go to Korea.

Talking about Nose Surgery in Korea. All can imagine that Korea is ultimate expert in plastic surgery. Korean super stars  have beautiful prominent nose, they all are stunning handsome and beautiful. So it’s hard to control your mind, make you want to have nose job too.

Even cosmetic surgery in Korea seems to be more reliable and not have to worry about anything. But every plastic surgery have the risk, is normal. The side effects that may occur during surgery or after surgery, such as wound infection, complications, or the shape is not satisfactory. Before have plastic surgery, you must sign a consent form. So you must use discretion in choosing doctors and hospitals as well as the availability of yourself.

The Korea’s nose plastic surgery have 2 methods that are popularly used in Korea.

1. The use of silicon to cooperate with cartilage.
Cartilage used is the cartilage bone behind the ear or the cartilage of the nasal cavity. The method of nasal surgery in this way is the most popular. Because it provides a beautiful prominent nose with beautiful shape, slender beauty, and very looks natural.

2. The use of body fat.
The suction of fat from other parts of the body, then add to the nose. This method is suitable for people who have a small and narrow nose.

The procedure of nose surgery in Korea. First, the doctor will measure and evaluate the face shape. Look at the height of the forehead, measuring the distance of the eye, look for the chin length. Then estimate that nose job, how high and long that the new nose should be. For the most fitting to face. And more than that, Korea has a modern technology that is Simulation, modeling pictures of before – after surgery that we can view before have nose plastic surgery. How is the nose and face shape after had nose job.

Nose surgery in Korea. There is the use of anesthetics and anesthesia. The nose job takes 1 hour and then stay 40 minutes in hospital. After that can back home. After had nose job may have some swollen and bruise. But healed within 2 weeks, then begin to see that the nose is more beautiful shape.

Nose plastic surgery in Korea prices is about $3,000 – 6,000 USD

For those who had nasal surgery before but want to have new nose job in Korea. You have to remove old silicone or old filler. Then leave for about 3-6 months to be able to have new nose surgery.

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